Oil Spill Claim Requirements

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To recover compensation from the BP oil spill fund, you must first meet the requirements defined by the Oil Pollution Act (OPA). If you are unsure whether your claim meets these requirements, you should contact an oil spill lawyer with a firm understanding of the OPA. Furthermore, if you are interested in collecting compensation for damages resulting from the oil spill, you are advised to speak to an oil spill attorney before filing a claim. Navigating the BP independent claims process is complex and requires the preservation of important documents, such as wage loss records. To find out if an oil spill attorney can help with your claim and obtain evidence of your profit or income losses, fill out our free, no obligation case review form.

Do I Qualify for BP Oil Spill Compensation?

To have a valid claim under the OPA, the following must be true:

  • The spill took place on or after August 18, 1990.
  • The spill involved oil.
  • The oil spill impacted or significantly threatened U.S. navigable waters.
  • The claim was presented to the party responsible for the oil spill.

If your claim meets these requirements, you may be able to recover compensation for your oil spill-related damages. It's important to note that BP is also acknowledging claims of bodily injury even though this is typically not compensable under the Oil Pollution Act.

Documenting an Oil Spill Claim

When submitting a damage claim to BP, you must provide documentation that your claim meets the requirements of the OPA. Paperwork that can help substantiate your claim under the OPA includes:

  • A copy of the ad for claims by the responsible party
  • News articles about the oil spill
  • Reports from federal, state or local agencies
  • Witness statements

After you have established that your claim falls under the OPA, you can document your claim for spill-related damages and necessary removal costs. Our oil spill attorneys are available to help assist Gulf Coast residents and workers who are interested in filing claims and offer a free case review to all potential claimants. To speak to us today, complete our no obligation legal evaluation form on the right.

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